The Gibson family farm has been in our family since 1906. It has been a fully functioning farm the whole time. My Grandfather and Great-Grandfather grew mostly canola and durum, and for the past ten years my father has been raising sheep. Our farm is located in the south-west corner of Saskatchewan. I grew up mostly in the city of Saskatoon, spending my summers out at the farm. You could say I have a bit of farm-kid in me. The farm spans for hundreds of acres around the farmhouse, but the garden is just down a path through the yard. This is where the magic happens...

Over-indulgence = Greed May 29

         Adjusting to small town life has been a challenge. As of this moment I am violently craving the Sticky Toffee Pudding from Earl's. Now, of course there is no Earl's in my small town, that's no surprise... but as of 6:00pm, there isn't even a grocery store!!! In the city, if you are craving something at 11:00 at night, you can pretty much damn well go out and get it. Last night around 11:00, my snack was a handful of Shreddies that I'm pretty sure were older than I am. (Important Sidenote: remember when cereals like Shreddies and Cornflakes used to come with toys in the boxes??? Why don't they do that anymore??? That was so awesome! My sisters and I were left with bruises from trying to get at those toys!)
         The more I crave something I can't have, the more valuable it becomes. This also increases the appreciation I feel when I finally get what I want. Maybe it's not such a bad thing to wait for something you desire. After all, we're all so spoiled here in North America having all the pleasures and excesses that we do that being denied having every single little thing might just make us a more respectful bunch. If over-indulgence equals greed then doesn't occasional denial equal gratefulness? Take it from me, there's nothing like a handful of stale Shreddies to make you appreciate a warm piece of chocolate cake smothered in warm caramel sauce and vanilla bean ice-cream. By the way, next time your in Saskatoon, go to Earl's and appreciate the Sticky Toffee Pudding.

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